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Happy moments to share!! Ex DPS Biratnagar students Rachit Taparia has been awarded with MANORITE of the year as well as DEBATOR of the year, Academic Excellence Award for English & Commerce.

Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School Biratnagar,  founded on 7th May 2008, is one of the most prestigious schools in Biratnagar, Nepal. It is beneath the effervescence of its campus, that the students of Delhi Public School, Biratnagar find the wellsprings of the professional attitude and vigour, which distinguish it from other schools. Students develop their own abilities and talents, and discover their teaming potential to the fullest, which is reached in an invigorating and competitive atmosphere, created by excellent facilities, and, exposure and guidance provided by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty. We have started the school with an open heart and the vision that residents of Biratnagar and its vicinity could get back their children full of moral values and smartness from Delhi Public School Biratnagar. Our vision is very clear that a person must be first morally "Human and Respectful" to elders and full of "Knowledge". He / She must adapt to cultural, moral and spiritual values and also have knowledge and smartness. We continuously work with the children on these aspects and focus on overall development of  child.

Message from Managing Director

Shri Arun Kumar Rathi

We have started the school with an open heart and the vision that residents of Biratnagar and its vicinity could get back their children full of moral values and smartness from Delhi Public School Biratnagar. My vision is very clear that a person must be first morally "Human and Respectful" to elders and full of "Knowledge". He / She must adapt to cultural, moral and spiritual values and also have knowledge and smartness. We continuously work with the children on these aspects. If they don't know how to respect the elders and guardians then they become valueless. I know that nowadays children can learn through the latest technologies. We have to provide them with maximum opportunity. We in school provide a maximum opportunity of self-reading, sharing, speaking, preparing the presentation and questioning so students get the habit of self-learning and describing. It will surely make them confident and extrovert. They can present themselves in front of mass and express their views and visions to the mass. We respect all the cultures of the world because they all are full of values. With these values, they will triumph in their lives. We want to inculcate the same values. Nowadays students are occupied with electronic games and mobile phones and this is making them mentally unhealthy. We have created facilities of all outdoor games and have provided maximum opportunities for playing which will surely make them healthy and at the same time understand the value of playing in groups and teamwork. I request all the parents to love their children from the core of their hearts and give them their precious time instead of electronic gadgets. Your children must understand the value of money. If you provide them with the things as per their demand then it is not the fault of the child as he/she understands that his/her desires will be fulfilled immediately. They must know the word "No" as it will help them to become a better human being in future. Vision is the strength to achieve anything. Life is full of struggles and failures but we must learn to overcome all the hurdles for the vision. Nobody achieves success without struggle; neither can they have the inner happiness of success. We try to know the strength and interest of every student and want to give the right direction towards his/her vision. "Children are of blank mind and heart" Your children learn more from your home, you and your family members. You and your behaviour with others count a lot. You and the teachers are the idols of your children. Keep your children with you at least till Class 12 so that they learn from you and know who are your close families and friends and also learn the best experience of your life instead of from their friends. It is the partnership of school and parents to make your children smart, excellent human beings and responsible citizens. I wish all the best to all the students for a successful life ahead.

Thank You

Shri Arun Kumar Rathi

Managing Director 

Delhi Public School 

Biratnagar, Nepal

Message from Principal

Parshu Ram Ghimire

Days, Weeks, Months and Years go by children leave our shielding nest, new ones are welcomed into our fold. Years filled with promises, dreams achieved, lives enriched. There are many miles to go, challenges to be met, murky forests to be entered.

At DPS Biratnagar we all walk hand in hand- Staff & Students, together with knowing that the hand of God is there to guide us and we will win against all odds.  Often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around

I believe that effective teachers :

> Implement strategies that promote ownership of learning to students.

> Demonstrate ongoing professional growth in order to increase the quality of instruction.   

> Design instruction to integrate a variety of innovative technological tools and resources to enhance learning. 

> Create opportunities for intellectual risk-taking, collaboration, problem-solving, and application of classroom learning to real-life situations.   

> Collaborate with colleagues to share and discuss exemplary practices, interpret student performance data, and design assessments that promote twenty-first-century skills.

I believe that successful students:

> Employ critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems.  

> Communicate in a meaningful way for a variety of purposes and audiences.

> Pose questions, examine possibilities and apply skills to find solutions to authentic issues.  

> Demonstrate sensitivity to the precision and nuances of written, visual, and aural medium through comprehension, interpretation, and evaluation.

> Make positive choices related to physical and mental wellness and contribute to the local and global community in a collaborative and respectful manner

High standards and expectations for each student in regard to academic performance, co-curricular participation, and responsible citizenship are the foundation of our school. It is with pride that we hold these high standards and ask each of our students to commit to maintaining the extraordinary record of achievement and contribution that has been the legacy of DPS Biratnagar. It is the contribution of our students to our school community that makes DPS Biratnagar an exceptional learning community. Full participation in academic and co-curricular programs and a willingness to act responsibly as an individual within our educational environment is the factors that enable all to have a successful and enjoyable year.

In conclusion, I wish you all a wonderful school year. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me and know that my door is always open. I can be reached at [email protected] also. I am honoured to serve as your principal.

Thank You

Parshu Ram Ghimire 


Delhi Public School

Biratnagar, Nepal

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Christmas Celebration at DPS, Biratnagar.

Christmas Celebration at DPS, Biratnagar.


Indo Nepal roller Skating championship

Indo Nepal roller Skating championship


DPS Biratnagar students promoting Nepal Govt vision *Visit Nepal 2020

DPS Biratnagar students promoting Nepal Govt vision *Visit Nepal 2020

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Our Awesome Teachers

A.K. GuptaTeacher

Bicky Ghimire Dance Teacher

Bijaya Sharma Khanal Teacher

Dipak ShahHOD(SST)/COD(8 to10)

Jyoti Bikram ShahTGT (Maths)

Kriti DulalSports Teacher

Manish TimsinaFootball/Coacher

Mukesh JhaTGT(Computer)

Mukesh KarnaPGT(Physics)

Niraj Kumar ThakurCricket Coach

Om Prakash ShahTGT (Math)

Preeti BahetiTeacher

Parshu Ram Ghimire Principal (SLC)

Patricia Bullimore Teacher

Rabindra GajurelNepali Teacher

Ruby ThakurHindi Teacher

Sadanand Kumar PGT(Account)

Saiki RaiTGT(SST)

Sangeeta ShresthaTeacher

Saphala KhatiwadaNepali Teacher

Sonali DangolTeacher

Subodh Kr. KamatTGT(Computer)

Surya Bahadur MagarSport Teacher

Uttam Kr. Choubey PGT(Biology)

Uzma Rana PGT (Teacher)

Rajendra PokharelPGT(Economics)

Sushant Baniya 10+2 (Coordinator)

Archana Dugar BaskotaMontessori teacher

Ajita GhimireMont. Teacher

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Rina Siwakoti MundraMontessori Teacher

Dimple BiyaniMontessori Teacher

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Shodashi ChaudharyTeacher

Suraj KamatSports Incharge

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Arpana Philip

Dipak B.KMusic Teacher

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Arun kr. JhaAdmission Head/Teacher

Ram Babu PalSports Teacher

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Payal Rathi

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Pooja Gupta

Antony Leptcha

Avinash Raj

Saroj UpretiGymnastic Teacher

Ruchi DadliTeacher

Shobhan TamangSports Teacher


Staff were so friendly. Service was awsome. i felt like i was in my own home


Staff were so friendly.  and All the teachers we so helpful

Upcoming Events


Final Result Distribution - 2074

The final result distribution will be held on 24th Chaitra (7th April,2018) from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. Therefore you are requested to collect the result of your ward/s.

Additionally, we request the parents/guardians to let us know by 24th Chaitra if your ward/s is not continuing the school next year.


New School Alumna Barbara Hillary, the First African American Woman to Reach the North Pole, Dies at 88

Hillary was awarded an honorary doctorate at The New School’s 81st Commencement ceremony in 2017. In her speech, she encouraged graduates to follow a path of perseverance and determination to achieve their goals.

“I was raised in Harlem,” she told thousands of graduates at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. “My father died when I was two. And we were poor. We were sub-Depression poor. But there was no such thing as mental poverty in our home. There was no such thing as ‘Woe is me.’ My mother always told me, ‘If you want something in this world, get off your ass and work for it.’”

After traveling to the North Pole in 2007, at the age of 75, Hillary reached the South Pole four years later. Earlier this year, she traveled to Mongolia to visit a nomadic tribe “whose rural way of life was disappearing because of climate change,” according to a New York Times obituary. While visiting the region, she “spent a day with Kazakh rug makers” and “gave a talk at a village school. “


12th Annual Function-Delhi Public School, Biratnagar.

Delhi Public School, Biratnagar is delighted to invite you to the 12th Annual Day "Sanskar and Sanskriti" on 25th JANUARY (Saturday) at 3:45 PM.
We assure you the event would be the most bewitching, divine and intriguing one which will get the space in your heart, mingle in your mind and get inherited to your culture as the performances to be presented splashes and blends the abstract values with living. Program would be vivacious and flabbergasted to you.