Message from Director

Shri Arun Kumar Rathi

We have started the school with an open heart and the vision that residents of Biratnagar and its vicinity could get back their children full of moral values and smartness from Delhi Public School Biratnagar. My vision is very clear that a person must be first morally "Human and Respectful" to elders and full of "Knowledge". He / She must adapt to cultural, moral and spiritual values and also have knowledge and smartness. We continuously work with the children on these aspects. If they don't know how to respect the elders and guardians then they become valueless. I know that nowadays children can learn through the latest technologies. We have to provide them with maximum opportunity. We in school provide a maximum opportunity of self-reading, sharing, speaking, preparing the presentation and questioning so students get the habit of self-learning and describing. It will surely make them confident and extrovert. They can present themselves in front of mass and express their views and visions to the mass. We respect all the cultures of the world because they all are full of values. With these values, they will triumph in their lives. We want to inculcate the same values. Nowadays students are occupied with electronic games and mobile phones and this is making them mentally unhealthy. We have created facilities of all outdoor games and have provided maximum opportunities for playing which will surely make them healthy and at the same time understand the value of playing in groups and teamwork. I request all the parents to love their children from the core of their hearts and give them their precious time instead of electronic gadgets. Your children must understand the value of money. If you provide them with the things as per their demand then it is not the fault of the child as he/she understands that his/her desires will be fulfilled immediately. They must know the word "No" as it will help them to become a better human being in future. Vision is the strength to achieve anything. Life is full of struggles and failures but we must learn to overcome all the hurdles for the vision. Nobody achieves success without struggle; neither can they have the inner happiness of success. We try to know the strength and interest of every student and want to give the right direction towards his/her vision. "Children are of blank mind and heart" Your children learn more from your home, you and your family members. You and your behaviour with others count a lot. You and the teachers are the idols of your children. Keep your children with you at least till Class 12 so that they learn from you and know who are your close families and friends and also learn the best experience of your life instead of from their friends. It is the partnership of school and parents to make your children smart, excellent human beings and responsible citizens. I wish all the best to all the students for a successful life ahead.

Thank You

Shri Arun Kumar Rathi

Managing Director 

Delhi Public School 

Biratnagar, Nepal

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